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Colin Sheppard Police

Season 4, Episode 2: Big Manoeuvres3 November 2008This series of challenges have all to do with big vehicle handling.


Although Shannon loses her patience when her trailer repeatedly jackknives, she finishes the fastest in under 50 minutes with 32 attempts. Herself - NomineeManuel Tejeda ... Himself - NomineeAmy Wisniewski ... That leaves three contenders for the title of Canada's Worst Driver: 'Shelby DSouza, Jennifer Kritzer and Jason Zhang.

Uzma Rehman)Heather Reynolds ... Contestants must routinely maneuver their cars through tight spaces with less than an inch of clearance on either side. Philippe provides a demonstration on a high speed swerve to each before they attempt the challenge. Each performs poorly, but some exhibit that certain skills are improving.

Colin Sheppard Police

Best Performer: Matt manages to do both runs without destroying any boxes, but clips the right-side mirror in both runs. Written by Huggo Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Genres: Documentary| Comedy Parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents» Edit Details Country: Canada Language: English Release Date: 13 November 2006 (Canada) See Until Canada's Worst Handyman's re-formatting and relaunch as Blood, Sweat & Tools, Canada's Worst Driver and its sister series Canada's Worst Handyman were the two highest-rated programs on Discovery Channel Canada. Often there is a moving obstacle, such an emergency vehicle, that the contestant must give way to.

Himself - NomineeKelly Williams ... Cam Woolley)Jason Zhang ... Himself - Auto JournalistScott Marshall ... Canada's Worst Driver Season 12 Driving in Canada Shirley Sampson Despite performing well in most of the challenges this season, it was a disastrous road test that caused Shirley to be named Canada's Worst Driver.

Kevin Simmons Kevin was named Canada's Worst Driver Ever after turning in an even worse final road test than in the previous year, afterwards he burned his license under the promise Shannon Willemsen Navigating around CFB Borden: The drivers, in a navigation challenge, are given a list of 19 turns to be made around CFB Borden, and had up to 40 minutes to complete Himself - High Performance Driving InstructorScott Nicholson ... Himself - NomineeBruce Toye ...

The second challenge is "threading the eye of the needle", a high speed predominantly straight but narrow course. He has escorted world leaders, royalty, and the Pope through some of Ontario's major highways, and is considered to be the face of the OPP. The slow times are despite one car receiving a speeding ticket along the way. Jodi also has problems on her run, due to Sam insisting that the first gear position was actually the third gear.

Shannon Willemsen

The intent of this challenge is for contestants to learn the distribution of weight in a car, as well as a lesson on how to properly control a car in a Herself - Go-Kart Driving InstructorHenrietta Gallant ... Colin Sheppard Police Often, these tasks are tailored to each contestant's vices. Canada's Worst Driver Contestant Dies Herself - NomineePhilippe Létourneau ...

The participants' first challenge is one of reversing through an obstacle course in a pick-up truck, with the added pressure of Andrew being an annoying driver in another vehicle. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Sean, however, did manage to get all seven signs correct, while Colin is the worst, getting only three signs right (he notably didn't even recognize the sign for 2-way traffic). Himself - NominatorJennifer Kritzer ... Canada's Worst Driver Season 3

Most get drenched with at least 200 liters of water. Himself - HostElizabeth Cecchi ... The participants' third challenge is one of night-time driving, which has its obvious hazards. At the deliberation, the panel reach an unusual decision.Andrew Younghusband ...

The Reverse Flick is a challenge that has contestants perform the namesake technique in a confined space; it is in essence the handbrake turn in reverse, and without the use of It certainly is not who I am, and is not my driving style. “I could produce 100 people I know that would support my skill as a driver, as well as Herself - NomineeBob Wisniewski ...

Himself - Canada's Worst Driver Season 3 Season 4, Episode 2: Big Manoeuvres3 November 2008This series of challenges have all to do with big vehicle handling.

Colin's behavior to Michael is brought up by a miffed Andrew, but Colin just brushes it off believing he deserved that spot as a reward for helping Jodi. Herself - NomineeScott Marshall ... Driving Distracted: Because the challenge was so effective on Matt in the previous episode, the same challenge was done again for other contestants (Henrietta and Jodi being exempt). The elimination process continues until only three contestants remain (the original intent was for two contestants to remain, but due to the first season containing an episode in which no-one graduated,

And Dr. There, while driving three laps around a narrow track, he does not hit any obstacles, but hits 13 of the 43 obstacles once given a cell phone, a CD, a sandwich, Driving into a Wall: In this traditional challenge, the contestants are told by head instructor Scott Marshall to accelerate towards a wall of boxes, then brake, with the objective being not This challenge is particularly important for Karen, who is so used to listening to her husband's instructions while driving.

Herself - KinesiologistHeather Jones ... Reached Sunday evening, Schurink told the Sun the officer had an axe to grind. “I feel my character was really slandered by the way I was represented on the show. Himself - Head Driving InstructorSean McConnell ... To see if it makes a difference, each participant is given another nominator, and not their own, as their passenger.

Scott first takes each out for a driving lesson in Old Montréal, where most of the course is through.