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School Bus Driver Rules And Regulations


If the university organizes an event off campus and doesnot provide transportation in one of these forms, the event organizer should inform the participantsthat they are responsible for their own transportation. Please use the following link for instructions on how to register and login:https://forms.biola.edu/risk-management/driver-safety-training-program/. Drivers must be cleared to drive prior to driving auniversity owned, leased, or rented vehicle. The driver assumes full responsibility for any and all fines or traffic violations associated withhis/her operation of a university vehicle. Source

Limit travel to normal wakinghours (avoid travel between 12:00 a.m. No distractions: no use of a cellphone or other distraction while driving. Employee applicants and student workers need only fill out the forms once during the course of their employment pending no changes to the forms or the laws governing the information requested Exchange information with the other parties. http://offices.biola.edu/hr/ehandbook/3.35/

School Bus Driver Rules And Regulations

Once approved, the non-employee companion must go through the clearance process outlined in this policy. Carpooling presents a situation where Biola’s students, staff, and faculty are transported in anunderinsured or even an uninsured vehicle. Risk Management will distribute a copy of Biola’s proof of insurance card upon approval asan approved driver. Proper loading of vehicles.

  • No major violations in the last three years (see below).
  • If anyone has sustained major injuries, please call 911 rightaway both for medical assistance and for the police.
  • Guidelines3.1 Standard of Conduct3.11 Standard of Conduct Guidelines3.12 Institutional Policy on Divorce3.13 Personal Appearance3.14 Visitors3.15 Conflict of Interest3.16 Personal Use of Phones and Computers3.17 Pets on Campus3.18 Overnight Office/Workstation Use3.2 Compliance

Must authorize Biola University to order and review their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) andreceive approval before driving. Biola’s insurance provides coverage in the United States of America, the territories and possessionsof Puerto Rico, and Canada, but not in Mexico. If anyone has sustained minor injuries, please call 911so that the police can take a report and seek medical assistance after completing the rest ofthe accident procedures below. School Bus Driver Laws Compensation4.1 Wage and Salary Administration4.2 Performance Reviews4.21 Hoffman Award4.22 Performance Award Program4.23 Values Award Program4.24 Service Awards4.3 Payroll4.31 Timecards for Hourly Staff4.32 Paid Leave Reporting for Salaried Staff4.4 Overtime5.

When Risk Management determines that an employee has lost his/herstatus as an approved driver, Risk Management will send the employee an email, copying theemployee’s supervisor, to notify the employee of the Washington State School Bus Laws All costs associated with any such injuries shall be the sole responsibility of the employee through their personal health insurance (including deductibles, co-pays, additional fees, etc.) or out-of-pocket. Maintain a safe driving record, having: No alcohol or drug-related violations within the previous three years. Employees will need to request Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability Protection (see above) when picking up their rental vehicle.

Drivers must fulfill all university requirements including the following: Carry a current, valid U.S. School Bus Driver Handbook California For Students: In addition to everything stipulated above, students must purchase the following additional rentalcar coverage options (or their equivalent) when renting vehicles for university-sanctioned purposes: Damage Waiver (DW) – covers If they have, please make note of itfor your report later. If Biola receives charges for these additional coverages, the employee will receive notification from Purchasing or Risk Management and will need to reimburse Biola shortly after returning from the given trip.

Washington State School Bus Laws

Faculty Employment8.1 Faculty Definition8.11 Contingent Faculty and Non-Faculty8.2 Academic Freedom8.21 Contracts8.3 Faculty Appointment8.31 Contracts8.32 Tenure8.4 Faculty Rank Structure8.41 Salary Structure and Scale8.42 Criteria for Advancement8.422017 Criteria for Advancement8.5 Evaluation8.51 Promotion, Advancement, Backing: When driving larger vehicles, drivers should have someone assist him/her whilebacking up. School Bus Driver Rules And Regulations Safety Inspections: Drivers should perform a vehicle safety inspection before driving thevehicle, upon returning the vehicle, and at regular intervals in between. School Bus Driver Handbook Biola constituentsshould plan trips so that drivers can remain rested and alert.

Biola University Biblically Centered Education Go Directory Give to Biola About Undergraduate Graduate Online Athletics News & Events Directory Employee Handbook Handbook Home1. this contact form Individuals driving in a university owned, leased, or rented vehicle represent Biola and carry responsibility for their actions as well as for the safety and security of all passengers and citizens Timely inspection and repair of headlamps, taillights, turn signals, windshield wipers, andother safety equipment. For example, professors should not pass around a sign-up sheet toorganize a carpool for a field trip and supervisors may not require their employees to drive others intheir personal vehicles. School Bus Driver Policy And Procedures

Risk Management will send the applicant an additional form to fill out and sign electronically. Introductory Information1.1 Purpose of Handbook1.2 Doctrinal Statement and Applications1.3 Mission Statement1.4 Logo1.5 Administrative Organization1.6 Staying Informed1.7 Abbreviations and Terms2. and 6:00 a.m.). http://easygiftsoftware.com/school-bus/school-bus-key-rings.html Biola assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries sustained by a non-employee companion arising from the use of a rental vehicle.

Fifteen-passenger vans also require a passengertransport vehicle (PV) endorsement and have a history of roll-over risk, resulting in fatalities. School Bus Driver Dress Code Sound judgment regarding safe driving conditions (e.g., weather, traffic, etc.). However, as long as the driver and all the passengers in a vehicle haveemployment status with Biola (i.e., full-time employee or part-time employee with 01, 02, or 03status; Resident Advisor; etc.)

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In California, auto insurance follows the vehicle and thevehicle owner, meaning that Biola cannot transfer its auto insurance to a personally owned vehicle.Additionally, medical coverage for passengers is both limited and Multi-Passenger Vehicle Use Policy For the purposes of this policy, a multi-passenger vehicle is any vehicle larger than a sedan capableof carrying 4-5 passengers (including the driver). Demonstrate familiarity with the type of vehicle driven. Wac School Bus Drivers The employee’s supervisor must determine what will happen to his/her employee after they havelost their driving privileges when the employee’s position requires a significant amount of driving.Employees will not receive automatic

Employees should decline optional coverage offered by rental companies.Employees must rent any and all vehicles used for business purposes through the PurchasingDepartment, as Biola’s insurance will only cover a rental vehicle Individuals driving their personal vehicle on university business must select sufficient coverage and limits under his/her personal auto insurance, as Biola’s business auto insurance cannot cover a personally owned vehicle under Front Passenger Seat: If traveling in pairs or groups, make sure that the driver has a companionto keep him/her company, help the driver remain alert, and assist with navigation. Check This Out Individuals who operate golf carts on campus must be at least 18 and receive training and certification from Facilities Management.

Please contact RiskManagement for the Biola Vehicle Inspection Form. The information should include the following(it may be convenient to use your cell phone to take pictures): Name Driver’s License Number Phone Number, Address, & Email Address Year, Make, Model, Color, Accidents In the event of an accident while driving a Biola owned, leased, or rented vehicle, please do the following: Assess the condition of all occupants. Carpooling In order to ensure that Biola’s students, staff, and faculty are transported in properly insuredvehicles, all transportation sanctioned by the university must be in the form of a university owned,leased,

Services6.1 Facilities Planning & Construction6.2 Food Service and Catering6.21 Bookstore6.22 Health Care for Employees6.23 Biola Print Shop6.24 Campus Coordination6.25 Event Scheduling6.26 Event Planning Guide6.28 Athletic Field Use6.29 Electric Vehicle Charging6.3 Central The criteria used to approve a driver for a university owned, leased, or rented vehicle do not apply to the operation of a golf cart. Avoidance of driving when fatigued, sick, distracted, or with other physical or emotionalimpairments. Only approved drivers over the age of 21 qualify to use a vehicle rented in the name ofthe university.

This applies to all university sponsored activities, bothacademic and non-academic. Alternately, the form may beaccessed directly at this link: https://forms.biola.edu/risk-management/risk-managementincident-report/. Contact Biola Request Admission Info Library Giving to Biola Employment Press Room Biola University 13800 Biola Ave. Biola University has numerous faculty, staff, and students whose responsibilities include the operation of motor vehicles, including, but not limited to, automobiles, vans, trucks, golf carts, and all-terrain vehicles.

Determination of unsafe drivingbehavior based on a single, multiple, or a history of incidents may also cause an approved driver tolose their driving privileges. No more than one at-fault accident in the last three years. Headlights: Biola constituents should drive with headlights at all times on long trips andduring the night for local driving. Avoidance of drugs (e.g., antihistamines) that may impair performance.

As a reminder, supervisors must allow their employees to receive the full federal mileage reimbursement allowance when they use their personal vehicle to drive for university business. General Guidelines9.1 Teaching Biblical Studies9.11 General Responsibilities9.12 Classroom Responsibilities9.13 Office Responsibilities9.14 Off-Campus Responsibilities9.2 Concurrent Employment9.3 Divorce9.4 Faculty/Student Dating9.5 Faculty Loans9.6 Fundraising and Grants9.61 Gift Fund9.62 Government Grants9.7 Ministerial Housing AllowanceAdjunct Faculty Oncethey have met the qualifications as an approved driver once again, they must complete the DriverSafety Training program before Risk Management will grant them approved driver status. These employees must report their personal and business mileage (including the bona fide business purpose of each business trip) to Accounting on a monthly basis and willincur taxes on the non-cash

The responsibility for the cost of these additional coverages remains with the employee. Drivers must observe safety precautions including, but not limited to: Observance of all traffic laws, including speed limits. Their MVR will be ordered each time they make a request to drive.