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Cab Driver Murdered With Double-barreled Shotgun

Shortly after 10am Common’s drove down the track on his way to work. Gonzalez, Lieutenant O'Donnell said. Armed with a shotgun, Mr. Raymond O'Donnell, said officers shot Mr. navigate here

Bird shot at his car twice with a shotgun, injuring Commons’s shoulder. On the way he threatened the driver with a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun. The officers called for help and told Mr. He pointed his weapon at the two officers inside and both ducked for cover.

He shot her twice before getting out of his car, wrestling with her, and completing the execution with a shot to the side of her head. She had dodged two bullets by the time Bird drove off. Garry Purdham, 31, a well-known local rugby player, was shot dead as he worked in a gateway at his family’s farm.

He nevertheless suffered severe damage to one arm. In a wooded copse he knelt down, placed the rifle barrel to his forehead and fired a single round. Bird was convinced that he would be jailed immediately after the meeting. Related Articles Derrick Bird: 'Town will be famous just like Dunblane’ 03 Mar 2011 Inquest: Derrick Bird shot brother 11 times 01 Mar 2011 Derrick Bird's rampage: map 01 Mar 2011

The first one missed, the second slammed into the side of his neck. Gonzalez's gun before he was shot. A police spokesman, Lieut. No officers were suspended and the police said that a grand jury was investigating the case but that the officers acted within Police Department guidelines, which allow the use of deadly

He hid in an alleyway at 334 Eighth Street, and when two police officers followed him in, he leveled his gun at them, the police said, and they backed off. Room for Debate asks whether shorefront homeowners should have to open their land to all comers. Bird saw him coming and shot him in the head through the driver’s window. Gonzalez's death: At about 5 P.M., he called a livery cab and told the driver to go to Red Hook.

The amateur color videotape, taken with a zoom lens, does not show the position of Mr. Together they provided a portend of the brutal and cowardly way his brother would carry out his deadly rampage that day. Jane Robinson, 66, was delivering Bettaware catalogues when the killer called her over. Over the next few minutes four people survived Bird’s onslaught.

As the 55-plate Citroen headed out through the one-way street, PC Nick Taylor commandeered a passer-by’s car and began to shadow him. Two hundred yards on Bird claimed his last innocent victim. As Bird drove by he asked: “Are you having a nice day?” Before she could reply he opened fire, inflicting multiple injuries to her jaw, palate and eye socked. He pulled over to the off-side to draw level with Kenneth Fishburn, 71, before shooting him dead with shots to the neck and head.

Seconds before the shooting starts, it pans right, to the officers. He stood over the injured man before shooting him dead with two .22 rounds. He executed his victim with two .22 bullets to the head. http://easygiftsoftware.com/cab-driver/cab-driver-murdered-in-tallahassee-fl.html The shot missed her but she remembers “a sudden loud bang and a whoosh of air” past her face.

Then, drenched in sweat and surrounded by dozens of police officers, he stopped and put the gun in his mouth. Witnesses said Mr. When they looked up again they saw him driving away at speed.

Gonzalez had his finger on the trigger, he had not aimed at the officers but only lowered his gun vertically after aiming it at his mouth.

Bird pulled in, shot him twice in the chest and arm, and then got out of the car with his rifle in his hand. At 11.57am Samantha Christie and her boyfriend, Craig Ross, pulled over so she could take a photograph. I don't disagree with what the officers did, but I think they handled it poorly.'' Inside NYTimes.com Health » Too Hot to Handle Arts » The Harmony of Liberty Opinion Darren Rewcastle, 43, his erstwhile friend, was returning from a sandwich shop when Bird called him over.

From there the murder trail moved to Wilton, with Bird, an occasional diver with the Solway sub-aqua club, apparently trying to target Jason Kirby, one of the committee members he felt Shortly after midnight on June 2nd, Bird set out from his house in Rowrah intent on revenge. At 10.53am the killer re-loaded and drove to nearby Bridge End. As the two cars drew level Bird smiled, pointed the shotgun towards him and opened fire.

They were closing in on Bird as he shot at his next victim. Thank you very much in advance. Donald NEILSON Born: Donald Nappey A.K.A.: He got out of his taxi for the last time, warning yet another set of passers-by not to approach him. As he entered the village he had passed Jennifer Jackson, 68, a mother-of-two, as she went to meet her husband, James, 67, who had been for a walk.

Videotape of Standoff The events in the last few minutes of Mr. But Mr. Gonzalez's life, which ended just after 5 P.M. He drew alongside and fired too shots.

Christine Hunter-Hall, a friend he had been talking to, was also shot but survived despite suffering a collapsed lung. Mr Clark’s engine was still running and in his final moments an involuntary action appears to have propelled his car into a hedge and onto its side. Bird had been due to meet with his twin brother and Commons that day to discuss his problems with HMRC. There was nowhere he could go.'' Mr.

When a single shot is heard, the camera veers back to Mr. Gonzalez, who jerks back, pummeled by bullets. ''A female officer panicked,'' Mr. At 11.50am he shot Fiona Moretta, a holidaymaker, as she walked along the roadside near Boot, and a few moments later opened fire on staff at a travel company. Crime News » UK News » Nigel Bunyan » Steven Swinford » In Crime Mexican mugshots Hatton Garden heist Brits on the run Bizarre smuggling attempts

His rampage was over. He had been out of the vehicle for 24 seconds. Bird followed. He armed himself a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun and a .22 rifle, complete with a silencer and telescopic sight.

Gonzalez, chased by at least a dozen officers, ran along Eighth Street between Fourth and Third Avenues. He drove to the home of a friend to whom he had sold a more modern, more accurate and ultimately more deadly shotgun the night before. To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive.