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Cab Driver Murder In Pierre South Dakota

FACTS [¶2] The evidence presented in the transfer hearing and at trial disclosed the following sequence of events. Attempts by a personal family counselor and a school counselor were unsuccessful in changing Jensen's behavior. [¶41] School officials again tried to help Jensen when he transferred to Jefferson School for Dr. His record at school included excessive tardiness and absences, verbal abuse of staff and students, physical abuse of students, intimidation of students and school staff, destruction of school property, and failure

Although Lee Pfeiffer noted some depression, she did not diagnose Jensen as a "severely emotionally disturbed child." As opposed to the defense portrayal of Jensen as having severe emotional problems that Dr. Brendtro's opinion is based on his belief that 'Paul is not a dangerous person.' However, in light of his prior juvenile history and the way in which this homicide occurred, [Jensen] You Might Also Like Special Delivery: South Dakota Mom Gives Birth On The Interstate Two State Prison Inmates Escape Rapid City Community Work Center Former Fire Chief Sideras Arrested On 10

No controlling weight is given to any factor. Not of that particular cab, built in 1982, the last year Checker Taxis were made. Ertz, Manlove, and Brendtro. For instance, [Jensen] related to Dr.

Dakota Avenue. Soon after Hare’s murder, Chuck Forell called up Gary Schumacher, a taxi cab company owner he knew in Bismarck.“He wanted to get rid of it,” Schumacher told the Capital Journal. Paul Dean Jensen Jr. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything. Soundy when [Jensen] was in psychiatric treatment at the Human Services Center.

Manlove's opinion because the level of depression Paul was experiencing on the day of the incident is crucial to the foundation of the opinion of all experts concerning the likelihood of Washington, 499 US 960, 111 SCt 1584, 113 LEd2d 648 (1991); see also Stanford v. Brendtro believed that alcohol was involved in the Van Zee robbery while [Jensen] denied the use of alcohol in that event when describing it to Dr. He was 28, just ready to turn 29.

Students, teachers and aides became intimidated by Jensen. [¶39] Jensen was held back in the sixth grade for another year and the problems continued. Jensen relies on Wabasha v. Springer drove the cab too fast for the wintry conditions and missed the turn onto the main road. The lower court noted in its findings that there was substantial evidence to support the charge.

At the most, Dr. Plankinton is not a lock-secure facility. Bonner, 1998 SD 30, ¶22, __ NW2d at __. was 14 at the time of the 1996 killing of cab driver Check out this story on argusleader.com: http://argusne.ws/1sPk9eF {# #} CancelSendSent!A link has been sent to your friend's email address.Posted!A

Indeed, Jensen readily admitted to several people that he killed Michael Hare. Ertz by [Jensen] while in detention. These principles are as follows: (1) reviewing courts must grant substantial deference to the legislature's broad authority to determine the types and limits of punishment; (2) the Eighth Amendment does not Brendtro's opinions are: 1.

Because it took so long and because recently money had been missing from the house, the friend went to the back bedroom to check on Jensen. South Dakota Law Help Website Court Opinions Current Job Announcements Drug Court Report of the 2012 South Dakota Commission on Child Support Supreme Court Rules Useful Documents Where your $$$ goes The victim had not prompted Jensen's actions in any way and readily parted with the money in the hope that Jensen would spare his life. Supreme Court ruling that prohibits such sentences for juveniles.

Finally, the boys exited the cab at the Happy Chef, ending their ride about a block from where they met the cab in the first place. His belief was that the South Dakota Juvenile Justice System could not provide for rehabilitation of Jensen and protection of the public. Jensen was convicted in 1996 for shooting and killing cab driver Michael Hare earlier that year.

Struckman Johnson's opinions that the Department of Corrections does not have adequate facilities to safely house [Jensen] in adult facilities.

However, Dr. Prospects for Adequate Protection of the Public and Likelihood of Reasonable Rehabilitation Utilizing Procedures, Services and Facilities Currently Available to Juvenile Court [¶47] The findings of the lower court took note Nelson's opinion rested on the lack of secure facilities, Jensen's significant history of juvenile offenses, and the inability of the juvenile justice system to hold Jensen after the age of twenty-one. On the way, Springer asked if anyone had ever stolen or tried to steal the cab money bag.

Contact | Privacy Policy Sections News Weather Sports Community Highlights KDLT News Today KDLT Kitchen KDLT Cares Livestream Contests Submit Photo / Video About Us About Schedule Job Board KDLT About There is, however, evidence in this record that [Jensen] and [Springer] were looking for guns. 4. Stop watching this discussion. Ertz did not testify as to [Jensen's] prognosis, but did testify that this was not a "situational crime." This testimony is important as all the experts agreed that juveniles involved in

Ertz, Dr. However, he was uncommunicative. He has been diagnosed by all mental health experts as having a conduct disorder and has demonstrated a willingness to engage in the most serious criminal conduct to please others. 7. Lewton v.

make express findings on each factor ... . Although these factors can be looked to for guidance, they do not reduce the discretion of the trial judge in transfer hearings, nor was it the intention to create a rigid Brendtro's psychoeducational assessment is subject to many of the same deficiencies. South Dakota Constitution, Article IV, §3; SDCL 24-15-4, 24-14-1, and 24-14-5. 2.

Take it, take it all." [¶13] Jensen got out of the cab with his gun drawn and ordered Hare to exit the vehicle.