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What Happens If A Bus Driver Reports You


They got his ass. The bus driver isn't upholding the law any more than a shop owner reporting that someone stole a twinkie or me reporting an aggressive driver on the road. They are like herpes....they keep popping up in your life. 2002 SE-R 5 speed orangelloSE-R is offline Quote orangelloSE-R View Public Profile Find More Posts by orangelloSE-R post #15 of Options:Reply•Quote Re: school bus drivers Posted by: compare () Date: June 08, 2012 09:07PM what about crossing guards? http://easygiftsoftware.com/bus-driver/can-you-get-a-ticket-if-a-bus-driver-reports-you.html

elabela04-20-2010, 01:51 PMAnyone can report a crime and offenders can get ticketed for it, even without a police officer being present. But the bus driver jotting down the license plate and giving an account, probably would not result in a ticket. Last edited by avatarx; 03-14-2008 at 05:05 PM. I don't fully understand "Jessicas Law" also if someone could answer my question if she is reported will she get a ticket or summons in the mail, or will there be

What Happens If A Bus Driver Reports You

Options:Reply•Quote Re: school bus drivers Posted by: ITRADE () Date: September 08, 2010 08:47AM jack Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > can this bitch give me a ticket? http://law.justia.com/virginia/codes.../46.2-859.html http://law.justia.com/virginia/codes.../46.2-844.html It's either reckless driving or a $250 fine... What is the difference between HER witness testimony & the witness testimony of a bus driver?

I am really concerned because I didnt do anything, and I am scared that I will get a ticket in mail?? If the bus driver got your license plate, they can call it in and the police will send you a ticket in the mail.. Kids get seriously hurt by this. Do Bus Drivers Write Down License Plate Numbers They most definitely SHOULD big tickets, imo, but is the point of law enforcement not to enforce the laws?

Kids get seriously hurt by this. Can School Bus Drivers Report Traffic Violations A person is guilty of a gross misdemeanor and is subject to revocation if the driver doesn't stop for a school bus as required and commits either or both of the Is this an offence or a violation? I honestly don't know why I have owned so many Nissan products.

It would not have been pretty. Accidentally Drove Past School Bus With Lights On I came up to a 4 way stop right at the same time as a bus. elabela04-20-2010, 04:53 AMI disagree. true.

Can School Bus Drivers Report Traffic Violations

And don’t think you won’t get caught. I have a hard time seeing how you could get a ticket from some bus driver writing down your tag number. What Happens If A Bus Driver Reports You Drivers should anticipate that the red flashing lights will come on shortly after seeing the yellow flashing lights as the bus comes to a stop. How Often Do School Bus Drivers Report Put it another way, why wouldn't a bus driver report the license plate number of someone who went through their stop sign?

Okay I guess my main question is this, I'm moving to California from VA in two days. Yes it would be better & harder for an offender to fight if the police were there but the police can't follow every bus around while they have kids on them. That's correct for a number of reasons:1. Around here you have to be just as worried about the person driving the bus as the other crazy people on the road. (Not implying that you are crazy OP ;) Can You Get A Ticket If A Bus Driver Reports You

and i didnt stop and the bitch start > yelling and writting something. Just because the OP couldn't see a child didn't mean there wasn't one. It was a learning experience and you realized what you did wrong. Each bus shall have lettered on the rear in plain and distinct type the following: "State Law: Stop while bus is loading and unloading".

A bus driver is NOT a random person. Can A School Bus Driver Report You For Not Stopping In Ohio A bus driver IS a random person in the terms of being responsible for law enforcement and I think it's absolutely ridiculous. <- and having said this, I have seen a How the hell are they going to give points for something some bus driver wrote down?

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As long as you don't have too many tickets on your record the judge may lower if not dismiss the fine. I saw a child run into the street and get hit by a truck driving less than 15mph and the child did almost two complete flips in the air before his There is a lot of confusion about busses in our area. School Bus Driver Honked At Me The bus driver > yelled at me.

Options:Reply•Quote Re: school bus drivers Posted by: WashingTone-Locian () Date: September 08, 2010 02:48PM I passed a stopped school bus once. can she give me > a > > ticket for that? > > > Only if she can prove it was you. I don't understand why they think we can all remember what we learned when we were 15 or 16 years old. Honestly, you should have known to stop.

Police often don't see the actual deeds and have to rely on witnesses to give reports. elabela04-20-2010, 05:01 AMFrom the minnesota bus drivers handbook, this is what it says, unfortunately it doesn't say anythingabout whether the bus driver can give the infraction, or if the police have Now granted it was a VERY small town where all the cops know everyone...we had ONE police officer that was also a part timer in another town hehe. IF they show up at your door, play dumb.

Bert Stiles, 505th, 339th (On Berlin Bombardier Mission, 1944). I (didn't > know cause it was a 4 way stop and i was in the > other side. By the time the future comes around, they won't be children anymore! -George Carlin http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...v/sig2copy.jpg FuLIsh is offline Quote FuLIsh View Public Profile Visit FuLIsh's homepage! and what could happen if she's ticketed for this?

can she give me a ticket for that?