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Things School Bus Drivers Can't Do


A driver should walk the entire length of the bus AFTER his/her route, checking under the seats for which of the following? Who's in?" ↓ Continue Reading Below Bizarrely, the same "observe and report" approach applies even to life-and-death situations. "We've had entire training sessions devoted to telling us how to react in We're supposed to high-five them instead." 3Children Have No Sense Of Self-Preservation lebeau3d/iStock/Getty Images For Jay, it's normal to see students leaning out of the windows, opening the emergency exits, or Let’s not forget that Mr. weblink

Cracked is a Scripps company brand Copyright ©2005-2017. For more insider perspectives, check out Kids Want To Finger Your Butt: Adventures In Teaching Abroad and 5 Shocking Realities Of Working With Disturbed Children. Current newsletters: Newsline Tuesday Thursday, Blog, Special Needs April Issue 7 Trends in School Bus Video Surveillance Dealing With Driver Shortage Is Still a Big Deal Great Ideas Abound on the It's whatevsies.

Things School Bus Drivers Can't Do

Print this article Back to Top Share Article Related STATS | Local school buses with cameras Sex, violence, drugs on Md. They can really take the bus over. There’s nothing I can do … please send somebody,” said Moody. If a child is injured in some way, you also can’t take them to the hospital just in case their family doesn’t have insurance.

But that doesn't always happen. "We had one driver," Mike explains. "She was doing an after-school run when a fight broke out, and some kid backed her into the stairwell and This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. This means you probably hear about "unruly" drivers that always run stop signs and commit other minor crimes without so much as a talking-to. 9. School Bus Driver Rules Andersen Ross/Blend Images/Getty Images"Let's see if I can catch air on the next speed bump." ↓ Continue Reading Below "The few times I did it intentionally were off main roads," says

Their discipline reports detail criminal charges filed against a 6th-grader who beat another kid so badly he ended up with a concussion. Things Bus Drivers Can't Do Krupp on March 1, 2016 Share on Facebook Share shutterstock.com 1. Vikki Williams, the Driver Safety Manager with Anne Arundel County Public Schools fully understands the responsibility. "You put your children on the school bus and they become our children," Williams said. She told me that when she got hired, it was made very clear to her that under no circumstances was she to lay her hands on any student.

See Also St. How To Get Your Bus Driver Fired Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images"Why should we care? News May 10, 2017 National Express Division Partners With Red Cross to Distribute Smoke Detectors Petermann Bus transports American Red Cross staff and volunteers in Cincinnati to distribute smoke detectors as This is the main issue to focus on when there is a fight on the bus.

Things Bus Drivers Can't Do

How Much Do You Know About Mother's Day? via GIPHY 8. Things School Bus Drivers Can't Do Moody’s actions was to not file charges of child neglect against him. How To Deal With A Mean Bus Driver And the occasional terrible-horrible child-sized monster.

Our “reality awakening” is occurring every day in this country, and if the public really wants for us to protect their children as best we can, we need to change the have a peek at these guys According to Adam: "I've become a little more strict about making kids sit down, because I've picked teeth out of the back of the seats." Now, some behavior is understandable -- Cezary Jan Strusiewicz is a Cracked columnist, interviewer, and editor. But that doesn't mean they're all bad! Can A Bus Driver Take Your Phone

B.  NO! 7. One example I can offer to make this point was when I provided some training for a client and the client’s 91 bus drivers. Police wanted to charge him with child neglect, but prosecutors said there were no grounds for it. check over here Defending yourselfWhile teaching a group of certified staff at a high school in Washington state, I spoke to a teacher who was assaulted by a student.

Then he again calls dispatch to verify the address. “Get somebody out here quick, quick, quick. How To File A Complaint Against A School Bus Driver We found it looking through hundreds of school bus discipline reports for districts in the Baltimore metropolitan area. GIRLS ONLY!

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Self defense2. It involves hours in a classroom and on the road. As Mike explains: "If I get a DWI or anything, I have to report it to work, and I'll probably be sent on a 'vacation.' But it's up to me to Can A Bus Driver Refuse You Would the prosecutor expect his older father or mother to engage these extremely violent youths that were perpetrating this act of violence?

You should be proud of what you do and how you are doing it. Upgrade 1. News April 27, 2017 Safe Fleet Awards $50,000 for Anti-Bullying Initiatives The company selects 35 school districts and community organizations to receive United Against Bullying Grant funding this year, with awards http://easygiftsoftware.com/bus-driver/dot-regulations-for-school-bus-drivers.html Northeast Florida school bus drivers are expected to intervene to varying degrees but aren’t required to jeopardize their personal safety to break up fights between students, school system officials say.

They don't know any better. Their denial came despite the fact that other districts supplied the records, redacting personal information that would identify any specific students. Then the media would have asked what physical force training he had received to qualify him to use that level of force! In his consulting business, he has primarily focused on school-related and workplace violence.

I have $30 on Billy! The procedures in this quiz are representative of Brainerd Public Schools Independent School District #181 in Minnesota. Which could be miles away. 6. News April 27, 2017 New York Contractors Call on Drivers to Stop for School Buses The New York School Bus Contractors Association hosts an Operation Safe Stop event and again calls

Should a bus driver take time at the beginning of the year to discuss the bus rules and inform students of the required punishment for breaking such rules? For instance, Harford County originally wanted $13,000 for copies of reports other districts like Anne Arundel, Carroll and Cecil County supplied for free. They’ll do it, and it is difficult to get used to. 10. Remind Manna about things on Twitter.

After driving a school bus for decades, now retired driver Craig Joyner has seen it all. There's a form they can write up which causes the student to lose bus privileges for up to three weeks, but all it takes is mommy having a fit, and the We can't touch them, so what we can really do? This shocked me, so I asked her why she didn’t defend herself, and her answer shocked me even more.

A.  Students in the isle B.  Students in the back two seats C.  Students hanging out the window D.  Trick Question... Stop and secure the bus.5. Share Share Close Facebook Twitter Google+ Mail Comments ( 8 ) Post Comment See all comments Cardine|about 5 months ago Is the victim suppose to wait until the police come and This article may not be reprinted without permission of the author.

DISCIPLINE REPORTS(SAMPLES) "You would think they're all big kids, older kids, but a lot of this stuff stems up just from elementary kids.